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  • Updated : 07-01-2010
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Categories african american, Anal Sex, Bodybuilder, butt play, cum shots, foreskin, Group sex/orgies, masturbation, oral sex, public sex


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What goes down in O'Farrell's Gym? A little bit of working out ... and a whole lot of sex. When Jason Hawke shows up aching for a workout he has no idea what he's going to have in store. New in town, he catches the eye of owner Kane O'Farrell, who's more than happy to give him a personalized tour. But first, he's got other clients to attend to. Starring Falcon Exclusives Kane O'Farrell, Erik Rhodes and introducing new Exclusive Tyler Marks. Also starring Jason Hawke, Ace Hanson, Jason Kingsley, Pete Ross, Alex Rossi, Jason Spear and Solo. Directed by Chris Steele.