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Deep South, Part 1 Dvd Cover

Deep South, Part 1

  • Updated : 07-01-2003
  • | : 02:23:02
  • | : 26265

Categories Anal Sex, Bodybuilder, butt play, cum shots, Group sex/orgies, masturbation, oral sex, rimming, tattoos, underwear


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Josh's flashbacks of Cajun cooking, warm Bayou nights and steamy encounters with seven hunky men at a time are causing him to sweat, and for good reason.Not just any hired dick can put together the twisted tale of politics, revenge, voodoo and murder that has tortured a senator, his son, and a host of raucous New Orleans hotties. Josh is conflicted, titillated and bruised by the experience. He can't help wondering as he drives through the streets of the Big Easy, if he will be the next casualty of the excesses in the Deep South.Also featuring Jack Ryan in a non-sexual role.