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The Abduction Series, Part II - The Conflict Dvd Cover

The Abduction Series, Part II - The Conflict

  • Updated : 07-01-2010
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Categories Anal Sex, bondage, butt play, controversial, cum shots, enemas, fisting, Hairy, leather, masturbation


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The abductors and the vanquished ... rugged men in a struggle of right and justice over dark and sinister forces where sex abounds. Nothing is too much for these men!It's pointless for the down-in-the-mouth prisoners to think they can escape Prince Dezerad's Secret Legion Headquarters. They're quickly losing hope; their chance of rescue is fading fast; their desire to destroy this evil empire no longer seems possible. They sense doom and despair and see nothing but forced sexual domination with endless rallies of sucking and fucking and other decadent indignities. There is no escape from the carnal control by their masters ... unless ...