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  • Updated : 12-01-2001
  • | : 02:16:25
  • | : 22120

Categories Anal Sex, bathroom sex, Bodybuilder, butt play, controversial, cum shots, fisting, foreskin, Group sex/orgies, jockstraps


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Jeff Palmer comes home to his one true love, Tristan Paris, in one of Falcon's most romantic videos yet. After a very hot welcome, the two lovers head out to the local bar where an unscrupulous bar-fly slips them both a 'Mickey.' Jeff, mistakenly believing that Tristan is cheating on him in the Men's Room, joins Tom Chase and Kristian Brooks in the basement for a hot fisting scene. When Tristan learns that Jeff has cheated on him, he goes to the home of a very hot, well-hung Thom Barron. Upon his return home, the two lovers make up on the window seat in a romantic, touching love scene.