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Double Whammy

  • Updated : 02-01-2007
  • | : 01:17:15
  • | : 12481

Categories african american, Anal Sex, Barely Legal, Bodybuilder, cum shots, interacial, masturbation, oral sex, pre condom, rimming


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'The Housepainter': Hunky stud muclejock Roger as a housepainter in a 3-way. 'Bigger Than Life': A young artist seduces his willing model, Roger. 'Double Whammy': Black stud Big Ben lures a cleancut collegiate hunk back to his pad with promises of a big score. 'Mr. Egan Gets His Paperboy': Jack Egan's newsboy arrives in a rainstorm soaked to the skin and Mr. Egan resolves to warm him up.