The Dark Side

The Dark Side Dvd Cover

The Dark Side

Categories Anal Sex, bondage, butt play, cum shots, fetish, Group sex/orgies, oral sex, rimming, s and m, tit play

Plot summary:

Explore the forbidden taboos of THE DARK SIDE...Sins of the Father with confessor Justin Dragon and penitent Lindon Hawk.Young Scouts Tommy Brandt, Jeremy Jordan, Jacob Hall, Josh Harting, and Brendan Falke earn their merit badges with honor.Josh Weston is the lucky stiff who crosses over and rises from the great beyond to reunite with his grieving boyfriend Jason Tyler.Good boy Derek Cameron is a chip off the old father like son...with his hot daddy--returning Falcon star Race Jensen.It's a criminal case of sexual assault for hapless Johnny Brosnan, as he's victimized, bound, and terrorized by tough Adam Wolfe...or is it?