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Roughin' It 2

Roughin' It 2 : Trent Locke, Donny Wright

  • Updated : 2011-09-30 |
  • Length : 21:35 min |
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  • Rating : 9.1 out of 10
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  • 9.1/10
Rating : 9.1 out of 10

Trent Locke, hooded in a camo cap, is chasing Donny Wright through the forest. Donny stops below a grove of redwoods and the chase turns into a hot make out session filled with passionate kissing. The making out quickly leads to each of them having their hands down the others shorts, and in no time Trent pulls down Donnyís shorts and gets on his knees to blow the hot studís uncut cock. Slurping it well, Trent looks up from below the brim of his cap for approval. Trent comes up for some more hot kissing, but Donny wants to suck on Trentís tasty pole. After blowing Trent, Donny turns him around so he can give the lightly furred Lockeís ass a world class rim job. Fully prepped for a pounding, Trent braces himself on the giant redwood so he can take the full brunt of Donnyís huge tree trunk. Donny delivers it all into Trentís prime ass, until Donny leans up against the tree so Trent can back up onto his cock. Grabbing onto Trentís shoulders and ramming harder inspires huge wads of cum out of Trent, who gets down on his knees and looks up, inviting Donny to spray his face with a load. Donny takes the invitation and coats Trentís well-trimmed beard with his spooge.