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Roman Heart And Cameron Foster Dvd Cover

Roman Heart And Cameron Foster

Starring Cameron Foster, Roman Heart

Categories Athletics, Cum shots, Masturbation, Oral sex

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Members Exclusive : Roman Heart, Cameron Foster

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The sexy blond Cameron Foster is lying back on the floor and the sexy Roman Heart is sucking away on his hot cock. Roman canít get enough of Cameronís meat, and he loves sucking cock so much that he slurps and gulps repeatedly on Cameronís swollen tool. Enjoying the talents of Romanís hungry mouth, Cameron moans with appreciation. Really getting into Cameronís tool has Roman rock hard and in need of servicing. He moves up to push up position and starts to fuck Cameronís mouth. Cameron takes it like a champ and flips over so Roman can get on his knees to control the mouth action, swallowing every inch of Romanís cock, spitting on it and jerking it at the same time, then licking the head and shaft repeatedly, until Roman finishes the work by jerking out a juicy load. Cameron is in need of release after the hot blow job and he beats his meat until it gushes a milky load.