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Road Trip, Vol. 13 - San Diego

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  • Updated : 12-08-2009 |
  • Length : 27:32 min |
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Road Trip Vol. 13, San Diego

Poolside frolicking has Sebastian, Jeremy, Stefano, Larkin, Jake and Dex all ready to bring this sinsational San Diego chapter to a rousing end. Larkin and Dex take turns sucking on Jake's stiff staff, while Stefano feeds his ample slab of meat to both Sebastian and Jeremy. The lusty sextet break into pairs, eventually trading off in a variety of match-ups and positions so that everyone can sample and enjoy the spontaneous madcap buffet of cocks to suck and asses to eat out and more asses to fuck. Then lined up one behind the other, Sebastian, Dex, Stefano, Larkin, and Jeremy take turns blasting Jake with 5 hefty shots of spooge across his chest and perky nipples before he tops them all with his load of cum. This is the exciting finale they all were looking forward to, making them wish they could hit the reset button and start all over again.

Road Trip, Vol. 13 - San Diego

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