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Private Parts

Private Parts : Dillon Colt, Doug Jeffries, Steve Pierce, Sven, Vince Skyler

  • Updated : 2007-08-01 |
  • Length : 24:57 min |
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  • Rating : 7 out of 10
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Rating : 7 out of 10

Doug Jeffries answers the door and in walks Vince Skyler with his buddy Sven. Th sexual attraction is instant and prods the three studs to head outside for a hedonistic skirmish and buffet where all the participants eat to their hearts’ content, feasting on each other’s pricks and munching ass. Steve Pierce eagerly enters the fray and before long, Dillon Colt is there to make it a happy and horny quintet of sex-crazed madmen, each one knowing what to do to get the other all revved up and ready to explode. The action is non-stop as passions rage on, mushrooming into several dramatic and volatile eruptions of creamy spooge.