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More Than Ready

More Than Ready : Tony Bishop, Dylan Hauser

  • Updated : 2013-01-30 |
  • Length : 24:08 min |
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  • Rating : 9.1 out of 10
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  • 9.1/10
Rating : 9.1 out of 10

Tony Bishop has the face of an angel and the sexual appetites of a devil. Heís a man whoknows what he wants, and he intends to have it. He gets to work on delicious Dylan Hauserat an area of the house thatís under construction. Tonyís lips and tongue are an unstoppableforce and Dylan has no retreat. Tony tears off Dylanís clothes, fucks Dylanís mouth with histongue, then grabs Dylanís cock and sucks it as if he intends to make a meal out of it. Ballsare next. Dylanís toned, furry torso writhes in the delicious agony of surrender while Tonypresses his sexual agenda. Next is to make Dylan swallow Tonyís cock, and what a cock itis: inch after inch of smoothly curved dick, fat at the tip and fatter at the base, with ď69Ētattooed along the top. Dylan humps Tonyís leg while devouring his cock, then takes a breakto slurp Tonyís balls into his mouth ó first one, then the other, then both together. Thereísone more hole to breach, and itís Dylanís ass. Tony advances with his tongue and followswith his cock: a standing fuck on the ladder then missionary style in the wheelbarrow.Dylanís screams rebound across the yard as he and Tony crescendo to simultaneousorgasms.