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  • Updated : 03-14-2012 |
  • Length : 17:20 min |
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Landon Conrad And Angelo Marconi

Watching TV the handsome and sexy Landon Conrad and Angelo Marconi are more interested in each other than what's on the tube. Angelo looks over at Landon with a mischievous grin and starts to rub his crotch. It doesn't take long for Landon to understand Angelo's intentions and they are making out in nothing flat. Passionate making out leads to clothes flying off, and it's not long before Angelo's pants are down and Landon has his lips wrapped around the Angelo's thick stick. Deepthroating like an oral expert and fingering Angelo's greedy hole, Landon gets Angelo moaning with excitement. It's possible that nobody looks better with a cock in his mouth than Angelo and Landon's cock is a prize. Angelo celebrates this world-class meat by taking it to the base and working it over with his mouth. Landon wants to service the Angelo's trophy hole, and he lifts his hips off the ground and goes to town while Angelo continues to swallow Landon's cock. This oral master class concludes with Angelo sitting on Landon's face leading to both of them jerking out huge creamy loads.

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