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Spencer Fox And Lucas Young

Members Exclusive : Spencer Fox, Lucas Young

  • Updated : 2012-01-11 |
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Rating : 8 out of 10

Spencer Fox and Lucas Young are two huge-cocked, and hard-bodied studs making out. After they clang their big ďswordsĒ together for a moment, Spencer quickly gets down on his knees to service Lucasís meat. Swallowing and gulping down every inch, Spencer strokes his dick as Lucas force-feeds him his. Shoving his balls in Spencerís mouth, Lucas pulls them out and then pushes his uncut cock deep down Spencerís throat. Lucas grabs onto Spencerís head and pulls hard forcing every inch down his throat. Lucas sits back on a chair to work on Spencerís whopper, stroking away at his cock as he takes all of Spencerís manhood in his mouth and throat. Tugging on Spencerís balls as he swallows his cock, Lucas urges Spencer to put a leg up on the back of the chair so he can fuck his mouth. Spencerís exposed hole is inviting, but Lucas goes to town on his cock and lets Spencer fuck his mouth hard. After pounding deep into Lucasís throat, Spencer gets so worked up that he jerks off and sprays a load into Lucasís mouth and Lucas squeezes out a load onto his stomach.