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  • Updated : 12-14-2011 |
  • Length : 11:04 min |
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Marc Dylan And Jimmy Durano

Marc Dylan is cleaning his amazing body in the shower, when Jimmy Durano enters the bathroom and watches without Marc realizing. Jimmy is taking video of him which is getting Jimmyís uncut cock super hard, and he pulls it out and shoots some footage of Marcís firm, stunning ass. Once Marc does realize whatís going on, he shoots Jimmy a huge smile and asks him if he wants some help with ďthat.Ē When Jimmy says he needs some help, Marc gets right to business, swallowing the uncut monster cock as Jimmy continues to film. Jimmy is one lucky guy, because Marc loves to throat a meaty pole and he gets really likes to show off his talents for the camera as it zooms in super close to the action. Jimmy wants to taste the hot cock attached to Marcís ripped body, and he returns the favor by letting Marc fuck his mouth. Itís not long before Marc takes his cock out and jerks a heaping load onto Jimmyís chest, and then Marc gets down to take Jimmyís hot jizz on his face.

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