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Luke Milan Sucks Jessy Ares Dvd Cover

Luke Milan Sucks Jessy Ares

Starring Jessy Ares, Luke Milan

Categories Anal Sex, Cum shots, foreskin, Hairy, Masturbation, Oral sex, Outdoor sex, Spitting

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Members Exclusive : Luke Milan, Jessy Ares

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Luke Milan and Jessy Ares crush each other's lips with kisses as they shed their clothing. When Luke's shorts are all that remains between them and total nudity, Jessy kneels to slip them off. That bulge extending halfway to Luke's right knee is his cock, and the dimensions are awesome. Grabbing Luke's balls, Jessy stretches his jaw and inhales, sucking until Luke's breath comes in short gasps. Swapping places, Luke wraps his lips around Jessy's cock, slobbering as Jessy face-fucks him. Luke's cheekbones stand out in sharp relief as saliva cascades down his chin and onto his barely hairy chest. Jessy, sporting a full chest of fur only intensifies his thrusts. His low-hanging balls are next to be sucked into the black hole of Luke's mouth. Luke is gripping his own cock in two fists and there's room for one more. As Luke begins foaming at the mouth, Jessy jumps onto his chair, planting a knee on each of Luke's shoulders so he can fuck that welcoming orifice. Jessy's back is slick with sweat and his buns are perfect globes. So much saliva and pre-cum drips down Luke's chin and chest, you wonder if Jessy came in his mouth. Crushing his balls in his fist, Luke blasts spooge all over himself as Jess unloads simultaneously onto Luke's spit-drenched chest.