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Leo Giamani Fucks Andrew Justice  Dvd Cover

Leo Giamani Fucks Andrew Justice

Starring Andrew Justice, Leo Giamani

Categories Bodybuilder, Masturbation, Oral sex

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Leo Giamani Fucks Andrew Justice

Leo Giamani Fucks Andrew Justice : Andrew Justice, Leo Giamani

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  • Rating : 9.1 out of 10
Falcon Str8Men

Andrew shyly admits being a bit apprehensive about working with Leo and his hefty equipment. But he's up to the challenge and it's all good as he soon finds out. He manages to swallow Leo's plump rod wholely down his throat, and then is rewarded with getting sucked off in return. Andrew nurses on Leo's cock again like a piglet sucking on a stretched teat. He buries his face in the big brunet's groin, his nose inhaling the musky smell of those fuzzy balls, his tongue attacking the puckered sphincter. Then Leo gets behind his partner and rams his cock high inside Andrew's hairy asshole. He fucks him forcefully and passionately. Andrew is feeling every thrust, every shove. He strokes his cock as he's getting fucked, then cums all over himself. Leo follows up and shoots his wad across his vanquished buddy. Their sex-charged panting slowly diminishes as the scene comes to its satisfying end.