Layover - Los Angeles, Part 3

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Layover - Los Angeles, Part 3

Layover - Los Angeles, Part 3 : Darin, Brayden Jaymes

  • Updated : 2010-09-08 |
  • Length : 20:05 min |
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  • Rating : 5 out of 10
Starring Darin, Brayden Jaymes
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Rating : 5 out of 10

Darin and Brayden Jaymes are both down for some bedroom frenzy with the blond jock being the first to swallow dick and feed like there’s no tomorrow. Darin soon returns the favor as he opens wide to clamp his lips around his partner’s cock and suck. But Brayden is hungry for a second helping of Darin so he attacks his friend’s ass, licking the fuzzy hole and tickling it with his fingers. Then Darin, feeling all pumped up, slams his cock up Brayden’s ass. He fucks him in quick measured thrusts and in different positions making Brayden moan and groan and cry out, “Harder!” The ass assault continues as Brayden masturbates to climax and finally ends when Darin responds with a splash of his mancream across the golden boy’s chest.

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