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Jimmy Fanz And Rylan Shaw Dvd Cover

Jimmy Fanz And Rylan Shaw

Starring Jimmy Fanz, Rylan Shaw

Categories Cum shots, Masturbation, Oral sex, Outdoor sex, Spitting

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Members Exclusive : Jimmy Fanz, Rylan Shaw

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Bathed in sunlight, surrounded by palm trees, desert peaks, and the gentle murmur of a turquoise swimming pool, the handsome, stunning and sculpted Rylan Shaw is serving his huge cock to the strikingly good looking stud, Jimmy Fanz. Jimmy eagerly takes every inch that Rylan dishes out, gagging on the monster dick attached to this exquisite specimen, devoting himself to Rylan's pleasure. The meat fills Jimmyís mouth so full that he has to take a break and lick on Rylanís perfect balls while jerking on his piece. Jimmy is up to the challenge of this remarkably gigantic cock slurping it down and allowing Rylan to force it down his throat. Any fan of cocksucking is going to appreciate Rylanís huge tool and the way that Jimmy services it. This is non-stop oral action delivered by Jimmyís sweet mouth and heís determined to get a huge load of Rylan. Mission accomplished: a huge load sprays out of Rylanís perfect dick onto his chest, moving Jimmy to shoot out a thick, milky load as well.