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Jesse's Getaway

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Jesse's Getaway

Tyler Andrews, Dylan Roberts and Corey Martin are like three bumps on a log, spending the afternoon just minding their own business and jacking off. Corey wonders why they just donít buddy up and really get downínídirty and the other two eagerly jump at the chance to connect mouth to cock. Corey sits back sucking Dylanís dick while Tylerís busy nursing on his big tool. The trio hardly come up for air as they move into different positions still linked together and guzzling down cock. It soon becomes a Dy-Co-Ty sandwich with Dylan fucking Corey up the ass while heís busy fellating Tyler. The fellas gyrate into a different configuration with Dylan the happy middleman getting stuffed at both ends. Then he lays back flanked by Tyler and Corey and all three horndogs work themselves up into a lather. Ready to climax, the three amigos beat their meat until they dump one load after another all over Dylanís chest.

Jesse's Getaway

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