I Want More

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I Want More

Categories Anal Sex, butt play, controversial, cum shots, double oral penetration, fisting, Group sex/orgies, oral sex, pre condom, rimming

Plot summary:

I Want More! Falcon favorites Burt Edwards and Rod team up to handle the insatiable little Donny almost more than he bargained for this time around. But take their cruel clubcocks, he does, even both at once - the hottest double-fuck ever filmed! Fraternity Brothers: Two frat brothers, Ted and Bill, have never balled with men before, but their deep feelings for one another spill over and they find themselves experiencing the sensation of being penetrated by another's cock. Their friendship is elevated to a new high! Manhole: The greatest performance ever of pornstar favorite Burt Edwards! There's something for eveyone in this fast-paced sequence of tortuous ramming and jamming from beginning to end. Edward's throbbing cock stretches his boyish partner's fuck chute into a genuine manhole!