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Get Me Off!

Get Me Off! : Revel Milan, Logan Scott

  • Updated : 2011-06-15 |
  • Length : 22:39 min |
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  • Rating : 7.9 out of 10
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  • 7.9/10
Rating : 7.9 out of 10

Logan Scott hits the locker room after an intense workout and a shower. While rifling through his locker, he can feel someone eyeing him, Unnerved a bit, he turns around to find Revel Milan ó looking captivated and so hungry ó checking him out. Without uttering a single word, the two men hook up. Revel is the first to get down on his knees to worship Loganís magnificent cock and balls. His lips slide over the thick veiny shaft, riding back and forth in a repetitive and wolfish manner, generating feelings of satisfaction for the two of them. The torrid twosome suck face again some more and then Logan begins to feed on Revelís fat, thick cock. He slavishly works his tongue and mouth all over Revelís rod and balls, making his nipples jut out. Then Logan has Revel straddling a bench and leaning forward with the round mounds of his butt begging to be separated and probed, first with rapid tongue pokes and then with the meaty ramrod between his buddyís legs. Revelís sighs accompany every deep and deliberate thrust up his ass; heís really feeling it and all is really good. Then Revel gets his turn to fuck Loganís tight ass Ö his hefty cock sliding in and out of Loganís hairy asshole. Both guys sigh excitedly as Logan starts stroking himself until he climaxes, marking the furry treasure trail below his navel with pools of cum. Revel remains undaunted as he continues pumping Loganís until he finally withdraws and shoots his load.

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