Fourgy Dvd Cover


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Plot summary:

Three Way Is My Way: Bo has a crush on Pat, an older guy in school. One night Pat and a friend of his, Jim, invite Bo over for more than what Bo thinks he can take. But take it he does! A Gift I Made Myself: Bo enjoys not only the sharing of Steve's body, but he gets to enjoy a part of Steve's body entering and probing the very inside of his own. Then Steve ejaculates into his hand. A gift. A gift he made himself! Ok, But Don't Hurt Me: What else can you say to a guy with such a huge, hole stretching piece of equipment? This is one big stud you'll want to add to your collection of the really big ones! Fourgy: What do you call the meeting of four heavy-hung and wild guys who have but one thing on their minds? it's hard! It's fast! It's FOURGY!