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Erik Rhodes And Marc Dylan Dvd Cover

Erik Rhodes And Marc Dylan

Starring Erik Rhodes, Marc Dylan

Categories Butts, Cum shots, Masturbation, Oral sex, Spitting, Tattoos

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Members Exclusive : Erik Rhodes, Marc Dylan

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The massive, muscled Erik Rhodes is getting his huge meat sucked and stroked by hot commodity, Marc Dylan. Erik stands over the kneeling Marc and fucks his throat well, jabbing his huge pole into Marcís eager mouth. Itís not long before the action gets super intense with Erik holding Marcís mouth open so he can really fuck it hard, and Marc takes it like a champ and welcome Erik spitting into his mouth in between jam sessions. Erik tosses Marc over onto a table and continues on his dick in mouth assault on Marc, whoís head is hanging over the side of the table. Marc stands on the table and Erik goes for his cock and balls, deepthroating Marc while he holds his balls tight. The tables have turned and now Marc is fucking Erikís throat, until he gets so excited that he blows a load that sprays onto Erikís invite face and tongue. Erik doesnít want to waste a drop and sucks Marcís cock dry, and then letís Marc suck him to a hot orgasm that shoots on Marcís face.