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Ryan Rose and Lance Luciano, bathed in brilliant light through the glass door, are getting blow jobs from Darius Ferdynand and Connor Maguire. Lance's thick, curving cock, Darius' spectacular body, Ryan Rose's perfect physique and Connor Maguire's ginger pubes all grab attention. But, it's not long before the attention turns directly to fucking. Everyone is on their feet, with Ryan plugging Darius and Connor slamming Lance. Focus gradually shifts to Darius. His smooth body has flawless symmetry and perfect form, and when he's got a dick in him, he makes bottoming an award-winning performance. He warms up by sucking three cocks at once. His strategy is: one in his mouth and one for each hand, then rotate. Ryan -- who loves a cum bath -- kneels and invites the rest to deluge him in spooge.

Plays Together

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