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Body Shop

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  • Updated : 06-08-2012 |
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Body Shop

Trenton Ducati sneaks off into the supply room and starts jacking off. But this hiding space isnít much of a secret because Erik Rhodes makes his way back there too with the same release in mind. Catching each other with their matching hard-ons, the big-muscled, studly giants crash into one anotherís embrace sucking face and then sucking cock. Meanwhile, down in the shop, Marc Dylan canít keep his eyes off Landon Conradís hunky body. Marc is so distracted that he has to unzip his co-workerís pants, pull out Landonís thick cock and gobble it down. Landon returns the favor and nurses on Marcís dick. Then with Marc standing on a hydraulic jack and elevated, Landon rims his ass. Having primed his manhole, Landon fucks Marc, working feverishly until one after the other they shoot their loads. But before Marc and Landon can catch their breath, Trenton and Erik come in from the supply closet and continue the ass assault on Marc who quickly surprises everyone with a second spray of jizz.

Body Shop

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