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Big Rock Cove

Big Rock Cove : Parker Perry, Alex Andrews

  • Updated : 2011-07-13 |
  • Length : 21:29 min |
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  • Rating : 9 out of 10
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Rating : 9 out of 10

Parker Perry and Alex Andrews sit back on the couch to watch a movie. Their hands work their way into each otherís jeans until their cocks are out and exposed, looming thick and large. Manic kissing leads to Alex finally diving down into Parkerís crotch to suck dick. His mouth can barely stretch open enough to swallow the cockís enormous girth, but heís got game and succeeds like a pro. He tongues Parkerís fleshy foreskin with gusto. Alex has left his ass exposed while his mouth is working Parkerís pole, and Parker canít resist massaging the hot hole with his fingers and mouth. Primed and ready, Alex is ready for Parkerís meat, which is quickly engulfed by Alexís butt. Alexís face flushes red with excitement and he can barely hold on as his ass is pummeled hard and fast. Parker wants to get some too, so he flips around and offers his ass. Alex fucks Parker just as fiercely, delivering swift deliberate blows. The two chums disengage then take turns wanking off until they climax and shoot their wads.