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Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior : Chad Kennedy, Marcus Iron, Nick Young, Kristian Alvarez, Scott Matthews

  • Updated : 2010-07-01 |
  • Length : 50:42 min |
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  • Rating : 9 out of 10
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  • 9/10
Rating : 9 out of 10

Marcus Iron and Chad Kennedy embark on their journey to preach to the sinners when they come upon the home of Addison Scott, who responds to their missionary message with some nasty talk before pulling them into his world of sin. Down in his dungeon Iron is locked in a wooden stock and forced to watch the hunky Caesar finger his hole in a sling, while Kennedy is taken away and forced to submit to the sexual pleasures of his captor along with Enrico Vega, Spike, Scott Matthews, Nick Young, and Kristian Alvarez. Together the seven men suck and rim into a frenzy until poor Kennedy is impaled by Spike's 10' tool which unleashes his inner demon and he voraciously takes cock in both ends and grunts for more. And he gets it... the studs line up to ram him in a gang bang so hard he won't sit down for a week, and finally baptize him with their hot and holy spunk.

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