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Adam Avery And Luke Milan Dvd Cover

Adam Avery And Luke Milan

Starring Adam Avery, Luke Milan

Categories Cum shots, Masturbation, Oral sex, Outdoor sex, Spitting

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Member Exclusive : Luke Milan, Adam Avery

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Outside on the pool deck, handsome, big dicked, slim stud Luke Milan is swapping spit with equally large and stunning Adam Avery. They stroke each other while they make out and then Luke moves his mouth to Adamís spectacular nipples, ripped abs and massive meat. Covering Adamís stiff, stunning woody with saliva, Luke works this tool like a pro, bobbing up and down on it with mouth stretched wide. Streams of spit slide down over Adamís low hangers as Luke continues to slide up and down his pole. Straining to take the huge muscle down his throat, Lukeís eyes water, but now itís his turn to get serviced. Adam is quick to give an equally spectacular blow job. With Luke standing, Adamís quickly on his knees throating Lukeís gargantuan tool, nearly gagging as he swallows it whole. Luke holds Adamís head and punishes his mouth until he spews a massive load of jizz that Adam catches in his mouth and licks off Lukeís cock. The taste of Lukeís cum pushes Adam to shoot multiple bursts of man juice from his huge dick.