Johnny Ryder Fucks Tanner Wayne

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Charlie Harding And Dylan Roberts

Johnny Ryder Fucks Tanner Wayne : Johnny Ryder, Tanner Wayne

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  • 7.6/10
Rating : 7.6 out of 10

Johnny Ryder comes down the stairs to greet his statuesque man, Tanner Wayne, with a passionate make out session. These two towers of manhood lock lips and lick each otherís sculpted, tanned bodies with a fervor until Tanner unwraps the growing package thatís under Johnnyís jeans. Tanner instantly wraps his lips around Johnnyís stiff inviting cock after itís released. Johnnyís cock is at full mast when he moves around to service Tannerís hole with an intense tongue bath. He probes deeply with his wet mouth muscle, before he delivers his hefty cock deep into Tanner from behind, making Tannerís wide, hard dick bounce with each thrust. Johnny accentuates the pounding heís giving to Tannerís hole with occasional smacks to his hot round ass. Johnny sits back on the steps so Tanner can ride his cock reverse cowboy, which gets both of them to the edge, and they finish themselves off squeezing out hefty loads.