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Topher DiMaggio And Dylan Roberts

Members Exclusive : Topher DiMaggio, Dylan Roberts

  • Updated : 2012-03-28 |
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  • 7.7/10
Rating : 7.7 out of 10

Robed hunks Topher DiMaggio and Dylan Roberts are in between takes on the set, and theyíre making out ferociously. They break away from the intense filming to have some alone time, and itís not long before the hard cocks pop out of their robes and Topher goes down on Dylanís rock hard meat. Dylan lies back on a bed and letís Topher give him a rockstar blow job, swallowing, licking and gobbling up his stiff, uncut pole. Groaning with every stroke, Dylan is thoroughly enjoying this oral pleasuring, so much so that he wants to return the favor. After they make out some more, Dylan is up and giving Topher his mouth to fuck, which he does relentlessly, holding Dylanís head and pounding away at his throat. Itís not long before streams of cum are shooting out of Topherís dick, landing on Dylanís chest. Dylan follows suit jerking out a hot load.