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  • Updated : 11-09-2011 |
  • Length : 13:24 min |
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Jesse Santana And Tom Wolfe

A nicely hairy Tom Wolfe is lying back on the sofa getting his thick cock worked over by Jesse Santana, whoís on all fours swallowing Tom to the base. Tom holds on to Jesseís head and fucks his mouth, and Jesse wants more. Jesse canít get enough of Tomís swollen member, and he sucks it like he wants to quickly get to its creamy center. Tomís edging and he wants to continue this hot scenario so he stands Jesse up and gets on his knees so he can repay the oral favor. Tom gags himself with Jesseís perfect cock wetting it completely with his mouth, licking on Jesseís balls and then his piss slit and finally going all the way down on it repeatedly until Jesse jerks out a hot load that streams down Tomís chest, after which Tom sucks on Jesse some more to make sure heís cleaned out entirely. This excites Tom and he jerks out a load onto Jesseís chest.

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