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Summer Heat

Summer Heat : Tucker Vaughn, Parker London

  • Updated : 2010-08-13 |
  • Length : 25:17 min |
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  • Rating : 9 out of 10
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  • 9/10
Rating : 9 out of 10

Tucker Vaughn strolls the beach and quickly hooks up with studly Parker London. They rush home and start to make out. Tucker gets busy nibbling the tattooed surferís tits and running his tongue up and down his muscular chest. Hungry for more, he slides the big manís boardshorts down and sucks Parkerís porker for awhile before he attacks his manhole with his tongue. Then the tables turn and Parker clamps his lips around Tuckerís cock and sucks him off, sending the young beachcomber swimming through waves of pleasure. He then rims Tuckerís ass before he finally spearchucks the primed hole with his pole. They fuck hard and fast and all Tucker can do is hold on before he busts his nut. Then he sucks on Parkerís dick, exciting the big man to finally climax and cum in his mouth.