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VIP - After Hours, Scene #04 Coming Soon VIP - After Hours

VIP - After Hours

Starring Johnny V, Alex Mecum

Accusations fly between Johnny V and Alex Mecum about business problems, stolen boyfriends, and sexual power games at the club which quickly escalates to a brawl. Usually, the outcome would be sex, but Alex's unexpected declaration of love gives the connection a different vibe: this is something they've both wanted. The need for flesh to touch flesh competes with the need to get naked. Muscular to ...

  • Premieres On : 12-11-2015 |
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Ripped Dvd Cover


Starring : Addison Graham, Dorian Ferro, Gabriel Cross, Gavin Waters, JP Dubois, Ryan Rose

Plot summary:

Getting 'Ripped' isn't the only thing that happens in the gym! For these muscled studs, the gym's locker room is a sexual playground where they have blazing hot sex: the reward for all the hard time spent in the gym, sculpting their bodies for maximum attraction. Director Nick Foxx takes seven pumped up studs and pairs them to perfection in this Falcon Edge locker room fuck fest. Ryan Rose may be the most ripped of the bunch. His magnetic personality and hot body provoke hard-ons from across the room, and JP Dubois is the lucky stud Ryan targets for a flip-fuck. Another flip follows when handsome Addison Graham puts a locker room bench to intimate use with compact, muscle-packed Gabriel Cross. Gavin Waters scores the prized ass of Dorian Ferro, whose hot muscle complements his body hair and whose hole is at its best when being packed and stretched. Gabriel Cross comes back for more and catches the wandering eye of stunning Sebastian Kross, whose nuts are ready to bust for a hot stud. Get 'Ripped' with seven iron pumping studs who get horned to the max in this locker room where the let it all hang out and hit it hard.

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Updated on : 11-30-2015