Czech Tales, Part 2

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Video Description: Wood party. Out on a secluded hillside, John Cruise and Jirka Gregor are happily in communion with one another. Jirka nibbles on John's tasty tits, then goes for the goods, gobbling up his partner's hooded cock and hairy balls. John writhes in pleasure, moaning with all the attention his crotch is getting. He then returns the favor, going down on his buddy. Like an energized bunny John agressively works on satisfying his companion, his mouth hungrily swallowing the entire shaft over and over again. He plants loving kisses all over Jirka's chest and face, then bends over and offers his ass for a deep and energetic plunging. John rides Jirka's cock, bouncing up and down, awash in a sea of oohs and aahs, until both men climax with an explosive burst of mancum.