Blaine Hardy

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Video Description: Blaine Hardy is good looking, with an easy manner, winsome smile, and thick lashes that veil his pretty blue eyes. He's here to take his clothes off and have some fun 'cuz he likes his body and enjoys showing it off. And this first-timer is excited and ready to go. We like his spunk! Blaine's smooth pale skin shines bright against the dark sofa. He wraps a tight fist around his thick cock which reddens with each steady stroke of his fist. Even his nutsac turns scarlet as he succumbs to sublime self-indulgence. He climbs onto the sofa to give us a rear view of his buttcrack. It is dark with a thatch of fuzzy hair, looks deep and inviting, but it's his blushing thick dick we focus on. Laying on his back Blaine beats his meat faster and faster and when he finally cums, he shoots jets ... JETS ... of cum all across his belly, chest and he even hits his throat. Like I said, 'We like his spunk!'


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