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From: Alec
Video Description: Alec is originally from East Europe; now a resident of the US for three and a half years. This 23-year-old New Yorker has already done a couple of still photo shoots, but this is his first time performing in front of a camera. He exudes the kind of sexual confidence a lot of European men have; not like some of his American counterparts with all their silly hang-ups. Alec doesn't think much of the straight/gay/bisexual labels; has never had a girlfriend only because he doesn't like being attached to anyone. So here he is with his creamy white skin, longish hair, big balls and thick long cock. He has a classic, heroic and romantic air about him, reminiscent of Cellini's sculpture of Perseus slaying Medusa. And this beauty just slays us as he works himself over, exerting energy and ecstasy - his face getting as flushed as his cock; his muscles glistening with sweat; his porcelain skin just burning with passion until he finally shoots his wad.


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