Conner Habib

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Video Description: I like this guy. Conner Habib is a definite cutie, a good-looking fellow ... stylish with facial hair a coupla' days-old, a smattering of dark fur across his torso and belly, plus a really nice cock and balls. Conner starts to masturbate working himself into a state of delirium -- his head rolling across the back of the couch, his tongue sliding in and out of his mouth, his face all scrunched up. As he pulls his pud with one hand, he probes his asshole with fingers on his other hand. You can tell he's having a fine time as he carries on ... his toes curl and arch, he licks his armpit, he tweaks his tits. Conner's panting and gasps become louder and more tortured until he finally cries out as he cums, finishing with explosive results ... and then he signs off with a smile.


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