Derrek Diamond Fucks DJ

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Video Description: Derrek and Dj just couldn't wait. The scene opens with them sucking face and groping each other like horny teenagers. Before long, Derrek is down on DJ's cock, stuffing the big wiener all the way down his throat, and making his buddy squirm with delight. Both guys are reveling in the sensations of mouth on dick; it's hard to say which one is enjoying it more: the sucker or the suckee? Before long, they switch it up so Derrek can relax and experience DJ giving him a BJ. Derrek is up for more and he starts to lick DJ's hole, spreading his asscheeks apart so he can jam his tongue deep inside. Having properly prepped DJ's ass, Derrek then drives his cock inside. He punches back and forth like a battering ram making DJ whimper. With the pleasing pain of Derrek's poker probing the debts of his chute, DJ jacks himself off and shoots his load. As he's nearing climax, Derrek pulls out, then releases, gushing his cum all over.