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From: Anthony
Video Description: Anthony comes to Falcon Str8Men from Florida, where he enjoys running swimming, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends - pretty typical stuff. He's kinda shy, but when we coax him to talk about sex, he admits he likes it rough and that he can go on for a long time. Smiling shyly, he promises us he's gonna go on for a long time for us too! Anthony is reminiscent of a 1950's-60's male physique model you'd see in a body building magazine with his short pomaded haircut, slim yet muscled pale body, and a tuft of dark hair encircling his bellybutton. He strips down and starts riding the back of the couch, sliding his naked crotch across the pillows. slapping his ass and jamming his fingers into his hole. He's got his game face on as he continues to jack off, using one fist, then two, stroking and pulling, yanking and squeezing until he finally shoots his juice up across his belly. A timeless performance even if he kept his watch on the entire time.


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