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From: Josh
Kategorien solo scene
Video Description: Josh is a pale willowy blond who has nothing to say. He disrobes and immediately goes into action. He is lithe and smooth; his dick is long and thick. He looks like a self-absorbed figure lifted from an Aubrey Beardsley drawing. Enhancing the mystery his patrician attitude suggests, he is boyish and innocent with a hint of mischief. His skin is alabaster and his huge cock is flushed reddish-purple. He shakes his engorged member, strokes it lovingly, tenderly. He is the narcissistic youth, detached from this world, his lips pursed in an almost petulant smirk. And then, finally ready to explode, he shoots and cums. This vain, jaded youth - so maddeningly aloof yet utterly desirable. Josh, by gosh!


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