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From: Alex
Video Description: Our 23-year-old, horse-hung stud muffin hails from Nebraska. A bit cocky, but that's okay. Stripped bare, this All-American's physical assets prove he's got a lot to crow about. Single right now, Alex enjoyed a two-and-a-half year relationship with the girl he lost his virginity to. Marathon sex was spent fucking in every possible position, making him feel like a porn star. And he likes anal sex too! We can't wait to find out how much he likes it.Alex made us laugh when he disrobed while 'shaking [his] ass like a black girl'. When he first exposed his hefty slab of meat and stroked it to hardness, we knew he was definite porn star material. He says he loves to have his balls played with for hours and you can tell by the way he massages his balls. Step back because when this corn-fed mid-westerner is ready to shoot his load, he and his dick stand up to deliver the explosion. And boy, does he deliver!


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