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From: XXX
Video Description: Arpad Miklos is a mountain of manflesh sitting atop a mountain of leather when Colby Keller comes in to play. Colby tongues and teases Arpad’s uncut cock, enjoying every tasty inch and savoring the fleshy folds of that foreskin. The men switch it up and Arpad kneels before Colby. He’s just as hungry for Colby’s meat and swallows it whole while gargling it down. Then he’s on Colby’s ass, rimming the crack and slavishly dragging his tongue around the puckered sphincter. Now it’s time for some hardcore ass-fucking and both men are ready. Arpad slams his cock deep inside Colby, pumping the hole so hard that Colby moans, pleading for more. Arpad gladly delivers and while he is still snug inside, Colby jerks himself off and shoots his wad all over. Arpad then pulls out and drizzles his mancream across Colby’s hairy belly. The sighing softens; the panting slows down; the men are finished.