Road Trip, Vol. 12 - Lake Shasta

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Kategorien outdoor sex, oral sex
Video Description: Camden Christenson and Atorian Tomes slide bare-assed into the water and splash about like frisky otters before they dive into more serious sexplay. Camden lays out and Atorian begins sucking on his cock, slavishly running his tongue up, down and all around the shaft before swallowing it whole. Camden takes his turn feeding on his buddy's tool, wrapping his arm around Atorian's hips to draw his groin up tight close to his face. Then Atorian turns around and leans forward, bracing himself as Camden piledrives his dick up his hole. With each thrust, he plunges himself deeper and deeper inside. Both of them are sighing, gasping, almost squealing. Atorian begs Camden to keep fucking him and he does until he cums all over his partner's chest. Atorian follows up by jerking himself off and spritzing Camden with his warm spooge.