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Video Description: Discord rings throughout the house as Vince Rockland and Corey Miles have a lover's quarrel. When Vince walks out on his boyfriend, the ghost goes to work and conjures up his most devious spells. Mysterious flowers, phone calls, and a visible appearance of the ghost convinces the two that they were meant for each other. Immediately Corey is chowing down on Vince's perfect uncut cock. Sliding his wet tongue up and down on the shaft, Corey can't wait until he feels his lover pound his asshole, sliding in that thick shaft over and over stretching his hole to the point where Corey's not sure if he's being split open or just feeling a high ecstasy. Vince pulls out and shoots hot cum over Corey's chest. Corey smiles and moans as his ass muscles are still twitching and pulsating from the fucking.