Zak Attack

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Zak Attack

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  • | Länge : 03:27:20
  • Aktualisiert : 01-03-2004
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Kategorien Anal Sex, Butt play, Cum shots, Faustspiele, Group sex/orgies, Oral sex, Rimming

Plot summary:

Join Superstar Zak Spears as he works his way through seven hot and hairy men - including favorites Danny Vox, Thom Barron, Filippo Romano, and Chet Roberts - only to meet his match in Exclusive Brad Patton. Each extended scene in this two-hour journey through a dark and sultry world of leather, jockstraps, and animal abandon will satisfy your deepest sexual hunger. If you're into rough and demanding sex, Zak Attack will send you into a sexual frenzy you'll want to experience over and over again.