Valentin Petrov  And Micah Brandt Dvd Cover

Valentin Petrov And Micah Brandt

Darsteller Micah Brandt, Valentin Petrov

Kategorien Cum shots, foreskin, interacial, Oral sex, Spitting, Tattoos

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Members Exclusive : Valentin Petrov, Micah Brandt

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Micah Brandt, the gorgeous black stud with a stunning body and huge, thick cock, is sharing an intense make out session with ripped and handsome mega-hung Valentin Petrov. Valentin wants some to wrap his lips around Micahís pre-cumming stick, he goes down and works Micahís tool down to the base, taking a moment here and there to lick on Micahís full ball sack. Covering Micahís dick with saliva, Valentin is on a mission to milk this piece. In a role reversal, Micah is down on his knees gulping down the enormity of Valentin from foreskin to balls. The thick uncut cock fills Micahís entire mouth as he expertly takes it down, only stopping for a few moments to lick on Valentinís foreskin. Slobber is flying and streaming down his chin as Micah take ever inch until Valentin shoots a load onto Micahís face and into his mouth. This send Micah into the stratosphere and he shoots multiple wads of cum onto the floor.