Ty Colt Fucks Rusty Dvd Cover

Ty Colt Fucks Rusty

Darsteller Rusty Stevens, Ty Colt

Kategorien Bodybuilder, Masturbation, Oral sex, Underwear

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  • 7/10

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Ty Colt Fucks Rusty

Ty Colt Fucks Rusty : Rusty Stevens, Ty Colt

  • Aktualisiert am : 07-03-2008 |
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  • Bewertung : 6.6 out of 10
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Darsteller Rusty Stevens, Ty Colt

It’s always a treat when we pair up two horny straight guys for a man-on-man scene. This is a first for Ty who’s never fucked another dude. None of his friends or family knows what he’s gonna do. But this all-American cutie is up to the challenge and ready to throw caution to the wind.Rusty, on the other hand, has been around the block a couple of times. He’s just hoping Ty’s got a big dick ... well, not too big! In any event, he’s game and ready to show the rookie a good time! He’s lucky he has a girlfriend who’s pretty openminded and doesn’t consider this cheating. We’re lucky we get to watch her man get it up the ass!The guys peel off their clothes. Rusty immediately goes down on his partner, swallowing his big cock. Ty goes gaga with the expert cocksucking. Then juiced up and ready for the main event, he slides his dick up Rusty’s ass and starts to fuck him. The sensation is sublime. Rusty orders him to go “deeper ... faster ... just like that ... fuck me”. Ty happily complies, meting out the punishment Rusty’s crying for. Both guys are enjoying every second of this adventure. Rusty lays on his back, with Ty’s hard dick still up his hole, and starts to jerk off. He climaxes, shooting his load across his belly. Ty then pulls out and he cums, showering more manjuice all over his appreciative fuckbuddy. Wow!