The Violation, Part 1: Seized

The Violation, Part 1: Seized Dvd Cover

The Violation, Part 1: Seized

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  • Aktualisiert : 01-07-2010
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Kategorien Anal Sex, Cum shots, Faustspiele, foreskin, Group sex/orgies, Oral sex, Outdoor sex, Rimming, Sixty nine, Tattoos

Plot summary:

Exclusive Colby Taylor's idyllic romance with Jackson Price is shattered by his partner's shameless infidelity. Deception and misunderstandings; confusion and doubt occur. Throw in a chance run-in with some criminals on the lam, some over-zealous police detectives and you have an action feature chock full of intrigue and non-stop sex, including an intense fisting/punchfucking scene between Lance Gear and Exclusive Scott Austin. Also starring Exclusives Robert Ballint and Roland Dane; plus Tanner Hayes, Alec Martinez, Logan Reed and Antonio Vega.