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Musclebound : Angelo, JR Bronson

  • Aktualisiert : 2013-09-06 |
  • Länge : 29:52 min |
  • Grösse : 284 MB |
  • Images : 5 |
  • Mal angesehen : 4211 |
  • Bewertung : 9.4 out of 10
Darsteller Angelo, JR Bronson
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  • 9.4/10
Rating : 9.4 out of 10

Six-foot-four and shaved from top to toe, Angelo is a pale tower of muscle. His nine-inch cock is too big for his workout shorts, poking its sheathed head out inch by inch. That suits JR Bronson, another slab of muscle, just fine. He holds it while Angelo does his crunches, then sucks it afterwards. Knowing exactly what he wants, JR demands, Eat my ass. Spit on it. Hes limber enough from exercising that he can spread his legs real wide for Angelos tongue. JRs sphincter is about the only muscle he hasnt exercised yet, so he straddles a bench and enlists the aid of Angelos cock. JRs abs and obliques ripple as Angelo slams into him again and again, first on his feet, then on his back. Spurts of jism erupt from JRs cock, landing first on one hard thigh, then another, as his cock bounces from side to side. Angelo completes the final lap to orgasm by fucking JRs face until his body trembles and his balls heave. He spews his passion out on JRs face and mouth, then laps it all up.

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