Landon Conrad Fucks Derrek Diamond Dvd Cover

Landon Conrad Fucks Derrek Diamond

Darsteller Derrek Diamond, Landon Conrad

Kategorien Masturbation, Oral sex, Tattoos

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  • 7/10

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Wow! This is the perfect pairing of 2 of the most attractive, most sensuous models ever to cross swords. Falcon Str8Man's most serendipitous match-up ... not only visually for viscerally.

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Landon Conrad Fucks Derrek Diamond

Landon Conrad Fucks Derrek Diamond : Derrek Diamond, Landon Conrad

  • Aktualisiert am : 07-03-2008 |
  • Bilder : 1 |
  • Mal angesehen : 9283 |
  • Bewertung : 9.7 out of 10
Falcon Str8Men

Wrapped in a hot embrace and making out like two horny teenagers, Landon and Derrek take each other on. These guys are mirror images of each other, both of them handsome, well-built and big-dicked. Derrek is the more aggressive, hungrier of the two and dives onto Landon's cock. But Landon quickly proves that his appetite is just as healthy as he gobbles up his doppelganger's pole. Then he focuses on Derrek's pinched sphincter, priming it with wet licks and tongue jabs before he tenderly slides his dick inside the crack and pumps away. Derrek's panting is loud and profound, each grunt the perfect complement to every one of Landon's penetrating thrusts. Then he lays down with his legs spread wide apart and Landon continues to pierce his hole. Derrek is drowning in carnal bliss. The sensation is so sweet and sublime that he jerks himself to climax. Landon quickly mimics his partner's actions, matching Derrek's copious load of spooge with his own hefty offering.